The 5 thematic areas
at expomove

Electric & sustainable mobility

The leading experts in the sector will share scenarios, studies, and the most advanced projects, technologies and solutions making transportation more environmentally friendly
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Private Mobility (Illustrations by Toni Demuro)

Private Mobility

In this area, the newest products and inventions will be on display.
Thanks to the presence of national and international car manufacturers, you will have the chance to get a hands-on look at the latest 2022 models. Furthermore, experience all the advantages and comforts of an electric car in our outdoor test drive area.

Light & Last Mile Mobility (Illustrations by Toni Demuro)

Light & Last Mile Mobility

An area dedicated to a new concept in mobility, of great interest to young people.
Scooters, hoverboards, skateboards and bicycles are the most utilised means to arrive at school, university, work or the gym faster than on foot.

Public Services & Goods (Illustrations by Toni Demuro)

Public Services & Goods

This area will feature electric traction motor vehicles for use in public services and the transportation of goods.
Furthermore, EXPOMOVE believes it is essential that citizens can rely on functional and environmentally sustainable local transport services, which improve the quality of life by significantly reducing pollution levels and private traffic.

Sharing Mobility (Illustrations by Toni Demuro)

Sharing Mobility

With the many apps dedicated to vehicle sharing, and thanks to mobility management technology, it is easy to hire cars, mopeds and bicycles for private transport by smartphone. Sharing mobility is the phenomenon that best represents the new era of mobility.

Components & Technology (Illustrations by Toni Demuro)

Components & Technology

An area dedicated to the important sector of development and research, with particular focus on charge stations and the development of latest generation lithium-ion batteries for electric cars.

The illustrations on this page are by Toni Demuro

Do you wish to participate as an exhibitor?

Expomove 2020 will be a unique opportunity. Participating in it means coming into contact with a wide range of companies operating in the sector, as well as a large and aware public, interested in all manner of products and services that are more responsible, have less impact on the environment and can improve quality of life.